Saturday, December 31, 2005

Late night wake up!

Well, my mum decided to wake me when she returned from a late night dinner. I really don't mind, though!

Finally some rest!!

After pounding the pavement, I finally make it back to the apartment for a long hard sleep!!!

New versus Old

The contrast between old and new architecture is everywhere in Barcelona. Here, Mies' Pavilion and the MACBA (Museum of Modern Art) alongside scenes from the old city.

Beware of thieves...

I guess it's because bikes with training wheels have really expensive seats...

Cortado Mecca!

Buenas Migas is cortado (shot of espresso with a drop of milk) mecca that was pug friendly! As you can see, I'm hanging with my dad waiting for some scraps!

What's not in the picture

There's human poop just down these stairs...

Art, or trash?

But won't the groceries all fall out of the front?....

Calder, with pug

Graffiti in Barcelona

The artistic expression in Barcelona was everywhere. I think this one was fashioned after a pug. Or another cat??? What do you think?

X-mas in Barcelona

Ramblas Raval became my park away from home. Although they placed this large cat (Gat sculpture by Botero) in my 'hood, I still enjoyed the sights and sounds of the palm lined ramblas. My mum wouldn't let me eat any of the dried bread left around, and there were lots of dead pigeons lying about. Hmmmm. . .

Monday, December 12, 2005

I love these things!!!

Nothing like old world pig ears!! None of that genetically modified low fat american pork. Mmmmm, veins and all...
If only we could make it over to the sunshine in the Jura...

Instead, Raoul is enjoying the warmth of his bed with my down vest!

Da 'hood

We live in the neighborhood called Plainpalais, which is a great neighborhood, all except the part about no pug dogs. We hear there's a pug cartel in the Paquis neighborhood.


Cathy and Alexander brought some Calvados as a gift. This is apply brandy and is a traditional swiss drink after a meal with some coffee. It packs a punch while burning its way down your digestive system. Whew! Strong but good!!

Friday Night With Friends

The evening started out with Alexander (pronounced Alex-zan) and Cathy enjoying a traditional Vietnamese dish, pho. Raoul and Snoopy par-took in a little sampling as well.

Friday, December 09, 2005

New Friend

Snoopy is Raoul's new best friend. He''ll be vacationing with Snoopy next weekend while we escape to London.

My Pug Life

Greetings to all!

As you may know, I'm now living in Geneva, Switzerland where I'm enjoying living in Europe and eating big, european pig ears.