Saturday, March 25, 2006

off on holiday

Well, I won't be writing until I return from my vacation at my buddy Snoopy's house on Wednesday evening.



Monday, March 20, 2006

The Taste of Spring

I can just about taste Spring on the tip of my tongue!!

Smelling the flowers!

Yesterday was such a great spring day! I just had to go run in the patch of crocuses!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Park video

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Well, my mommy wanted to take me up x-country skiing last weekend. Thank God she didn't! Look at how miserable it was up there. Now, you know how pugs are fair weathered dogs. . . I personally do not like my paws to get wet, let alone cold! She went up again on Sunday and said there were lots of dogs up there but I'm still not convinced. Maybe if she could put me in a heated carriage and pull me around giving me some warm treats every five minutes! Now that is my kind of winter mountain fun!

Favorite Fan!

My favorite fan was in town! Whew! She wore me out. This is little Esme and she is just over a year old. Did I mention she loves dogs?!?! She loves me so much she will follow me anywhere - under tables, chairs, beds, etc. There's nothing that can stop her when she wants to say "hello!".

Pugs in the Park!

Geneva doesn't have many pugs around so when I heard there were two pugs that lived in the Bois de la Batie park I headed up there. It turns out there is a cafe in the park and the owners have a pug/pekinese mix and a fawn pug named Valentin. These two guys are allowed to roam the park at their leisure during the day. Snoopy's dad thought Valentin was abandoned since he found him alone at the hut where people leave old bread for the birds. The reality was, Valentin had figured out if he hung out here he would pick up an extra meal or three!!! The pic on the left is Valentin's much older brother (sorry I didn't catch his name).

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lyonnaise food

Lyon is known for its pork and they didn't disappoint us!

Lyon, France

Last weekend we went to Lyon, France. I met this great old (9 years) Frenchie who I ran circles around because he got me so excited!


Sorry I haven't posted lately. The weather has been absolutely - She-ite! This is my first winter/spring in Geneva and it has been loooong. I might even have to say it is worse than Chicago. At least in Chi you get some wide temperature fluctuations with lots of sunny days. Geneva tends to be overcast and cold most of the time similar to Seattle but a lot colder.