Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eight Years Today!!!!!

Yep. It's my birthday today. Hard to believe I've turned eight. It only seems like yesterday I was on the farm in Duvall Washington following Sally down to milk the cows with my other mates. Now, I'm living in Geneva Switzerland learning French and Swiss German!

Here some highlights from the big day. The first picture captures the delicious smoked large ham bone along with my new duck toy I got from my grandparents.

No birthday cake but instead a new batch of homemade pumpkin treats which will last much longer than a cake! Yeah!!!

And finally, I had a big day at the park with all my dog buddies. Sorry no pictures of them but I will leave you with a picture of my new swiss cow toy that my buddy Chico gave me along with another red and blue necked duck my parents gave me!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet Henry the Scott Circle Pug!

This is Henry. I guess my parents met him while they were in DC.

I'm going to post some pictures of my vacation with Catherine soon. Of course I had more fun staying in Geneva. Catherine took me everywhere including some swank bars like the Hotel Kapenski and Richemond. I also had my first ever cinema experience and I'm happy to say the seats were quite comfy and I managed to get some serious snoozing in when the lights went out.
Peace out!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Need some rest.

It looks like my parents are leaving me in Geneva after all. I was so looking forward to the Pampered Pet Program at the Hotel Rouge in DC. I guess the Kimpton Hotel group really does it up for the dogs. There was something about dog bar happy hour, a three tiered water dispenser and a treat buffet! However, I'm a bit worn out from the holidays so the thought of trekking it across the atlantic stuffed in a bag wasn't too appealing. So, I'll be hanging at my old friend Elton's house. His mom is going to make the Kimpton Hotel program pale in comparison. She's talking about long walks by the lake, lots of goodies and as much snoozing as a pug can take.

See ya guys on the 25th of Jan! Peace out!

Meet Botox!

This is three month old Botox. Yes, it is a strange name for a pug but what can he do? He has a best friend forever named Chew Baca who is an eleven month old boxer. As you can see, it was really hard to capture a still picture of Botox.

Anther commute on the boat.

Anther commute on the boat.
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Friday, January 04, 2008

Italian Holiday!

My holiday started out with a night train to Florence. For all the pugs who haven't taken a night train I highly recommend it! There's no airline bag to contend with and I had a choice of bunks. I tried out the top bunk but decided it was better to be on the bottom so I could keep a watchful eye on the door.

I was even able to watch the landscape pass! It was such a nice change to those horrible transatlantic flights.

My bunk of choice.

After getting settled into Florence we headed back to the train station to pick up my human friends from Chicago. These were the friends I stayed with last summer. While waiting, we met this cute little pug whose name I have forgotten but he was really nice.

There were just so many pugs in Italy. Here's a pug who was the same age as me, seven years! As you can see, I'm much less gray than this fellow but he managed to keep his trim figure!

We spent some time in a town called Padova just outside of Venice. Here is the Prato Della Valle (aka dog park to me) just down the street from our hotel.

Every day I would meet up with the usual suspects. The pug below is Uboldo from Milan.

Here you can see Ubaldo is very fashion conscious which makes sense since he lives in Milan! I hope to see them when we go to Milan for Easter holiday.

This Italian pug mamma spoke no English but was in love with me! Who could blame her. She was owned by the two fawn pugs below. They were also quite the fashionistas!

Italy lived up to its reputation for excellent and abundant food! Here I am waiting patiently at a Deli in Padova.

This was Christmas day in Florence. Not too many cafes were open and we stumbled into this bizarre place. The older ladies were a bit out there (think makeup applied like clowns). Anyway, one of them came over with a big old meringue for me which my mom was not too excited about but let me have a little taste as the woman insisted it was good for me!

Italy is so dog friendly that I even went out for happy hour to the bar with my parents. Here I am enjoying my bar seating.

Did I mention all the great bakeries? These are even better than the swiss or french as they like to put ham and cheese on everything!

I was a bit miffed by this vending machine. It was New Years day and I was out to find some good food. I thought for sure this vending machine would have some scrumptious junk food and insisted my mom lift me so I could select something de-lish. Who would have thought there would only be boxes of condoms, lube, and pregnancy kits. Argh! Later we happened on another machine that only sold cigarettes.

This was our hotel room in Padova. I stayed in for the New Years festivities since I don't care for the noise of fireworks. I didn't mind as I enjoyed a nice pig ear!

This is what my parents saw. I don't know what the big deal is about those burning lights.

We took a afternoon train back to Geneva from Padova but went first class. When we got to our seats I had a nice friend across the isle from me. Of course I can't remember her name but she was very well behaved and may have made me look bad when I barked a few times.

Here I am in my seat in first class. It was nice and spacious and once again I could view the countryside as we traveled back home.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bon Annee 2008!

Happy New Year to Everyone!