Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Travels Part 2- Key West

Viewing from a state park on the way down to Key West.

The famous roaming Roosters in Key West!  At first I thought they were strange looking dogs but then realized they were birds!

I made it to the Southern Most point of the USA!

I had to walk by this pug puppy for sale everyday.  It was so hard not to buy her. 

 Of course there were dogs with Christmas sweaters on!

Lots of decoration as well. 

Our guest house allowed dogs as well as supplied this doggy stroller if anyone needed it!  Now, that is service!  Stayed tuned for Christmas travels part 3 which will include St. Augustine and Jacksonville Florida.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A working dog in South Beach.

I believe this dog is really contributing to his owners daily income.  He walks up and down through the outdoor cafes and lots of people donate dollars just to see him pick it up and place it in his bucket.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Travels Part 1 - South Beach

My travels started with a pleasant surprise, a service animal relief area!  I had no idea!!!  You may be wondering exactly what this is.  Turns out, after there was a lawsuit regarding the discrimination of service animals at airports, it is required to have an area for service animals to potty within the security areas of all US airports!  This is going to revolutionize my plane travel.  There are two in the Washington Dulles airport and I took full advantage when I landed from my long 8.5 hour flight.

Nice signage to help you find it. 

 A nice touch.



The floor rinses the astro turf after you press the red button so things are pretty clean.

South Beach was Fabulous!

Great pathways.

Beach Volleyball on the sand.

Incredible beaches.

Not busy at all!

I got lots of attention on the trip too!

 News and Cafe was always welcoming to me. 

Great architecture.

Of course South Beach lived up to its reputation as a hipster hangout in every way.  My room had great design.

How could I not post a Tatoo shop and one tough little min pin.

Dog Bar Miami was a great little pet boutique that carried a nice selection of dog food and treats.  They had my freeze dried Stella and Chewy food so I was happy.

Knitted bike?!

Unfortunately I didn't see that many pugs in South Beach.

Ha!  I did see a shiba though!  I'm sure my friend Toko and Shiba 1 and 2 would have liked it.

Here's a pic for my friend Louis who is currently in the states and hopefully staying warm.  

Down by the marina was a great area for dogs.

This pic goes out to my friend El Roy.  May you never have to be subjected to this haircut.

Sunset,  beer, and your dog - what more could you ask for?

How about a fashion shoot!

Thanks for reading my blog everyone!  Ciao for now as I'll post the videos in another entry.  Happy Holidaze and stay warm!

Monday, December 06, 2010

A brief visit by Louis!

Louis brought over his WWF doll!

We chilled a lot.  I was recovering from a little stomach upset and the weather wasn't too pleasant.  

Florida is only days away!  I'm packing my sunblock and preparing for the mega road trip of 2010!  Five states in just over two weeks!  Woo Woo! 

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Snow and More Snow!

The start.

 View from my window.  Yes. We have construction going on for the next 6 months!  Good thing I'm headed to Florida!

The current situation.  It's now above my belly and it's still snowing.  I might have to break out the heavy duty puff daddy coat! 

My friend, Chico, has different issues with the snow.  Poor guy starts turning into one big snow ball!   He's like velcro with snow.  It all sticks to him.

I hope everyone is staying warm and comfy!  Peace!