Monday, August 30, 2010

The First Geneva Pug Meetup!

We had a total of four pugs which actually is a lot for Geneva. From l to r we have Norton, Harvey, Coco, and me in the foreground. 

There was also a bichon havanese puppy who thought she was a pug.

It's not a party without some snacks.

Coco enjoyed some play time with Flash.


In true European style we headed to a cafe.  Norton was exhausted.

Coco enjoyed some lap time with her mum.


Toko joined us as well.   

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Love for IKEA!

Ahh, IKEA.  I love it so.  First, I'm pushed around like a little prince with a plush dog bed and lots of people stopping to admire me.   Second, there are lots of dogs around to greet.  AND, the most important, the hot dog at the end!  Yes, I actually get to eat a bit of hot dog and it's pure DE-lish!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Afternoon Tea With The Dogs!

Since returning to Geneva I've been hanging at a new to me tea shop which is super dog friendly.  The owner has two black pugs and the waitress has an English bulldog, Brownie.

Here's my friend Julie with Brownie.  Brownie loves to sit and have tea with anyone who will let her.  

The black pug is Winslow.  Brownie's cousin. 

Winslow enjoying the tea house.  I have yet to meet Winslow's sister.  I guess she is on holiday in Boston.  I'm headed to IKEA tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have lots to share.  I just love those 1 Franc hot dogs! 

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Girl In Town!

Introducing Toko the Shiba Inu!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Part 3 of 3 Summer Travels

Heading to the airport on the el, once again.  Sadly, Chicago doesn't allow dogs on public transit except in bags. 

I'm surveying the land for any intruders.  There's a lot of area I need to protect while I'm in South Dakota.

Enjoying more deck time.

Taking a much needed breather after doing my rounds around the farm.  

This is my grandparents friend's papillion who is sporting a summer cut.  He reminded me a lot of my buddy Louis in Geneva. 

The view that I enjoyed at the top of the driveway while I was visiting my grandparents.  It was a nice summer break in the states for me this year.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Part Two of Three of my Summer Trip

It all starts with my mum and I picking up our big truck.  I have my own dog seat in the middle so I can help navigate and look for wild beasts!  If you look closely at the picture below, I'm in the big red truck.

No trip to AK is complete without seeing my girl, Stella!

On the Road.

Rest Stop Alaska Style.

Photo Opportunity.

Yes, it was the 4th and I was forced to wear this hat.

But at least I didn't have to wear this getup in front of the whole town during the parade. Poor dog!

I didn't get to take part in the pie eating contest BUT . . .

Me and this guy did find some great tidbits after the contest. 

Yep, there was one of those moose beasts in MY backyard!  I warned my mum with lots of barking.  I also saw a fox but wasn't able to get a picture. 

Heading to dinner on an Alaskan "limo".  My good friends Bob and Sunny picked us for a lovely dinner at their  cabin.  At my age, I need a little help us the trails. 

Some of our dinners included grilled oysters.

Checking out Kennicott Mine.

Cruisin the trails.

Inspecting the work on the guest house.

Checking the Pee Mail around the cabin.

Of course, no holiday would be complete without some serious lounging.

And lastly, I'll leave ya with a view that I got to experience.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Part one of my Summer Trip - Chicago

Hanging on Holly's deck surveying my hood!   
My old friend Holly with our view of the Loop. 
My daily walks were in Grant Park around the famous sculptures.    

One of the many pugs in the South Loop.  She was only 3 months old. 

Farther down on Michigan was the lovely Millenium park with the Pritzker Pavillion in the background.
No visit to Chi would be complete without seeing my bud Pico!  Here we are waiting for our breakfast!

While out visiting Pico, we passed a daycare. The kids were really interested in what we had to say.

Riding the El to head to Alaska was a bit traumatic as I'm no longer use to the loud noise since the trams are so quiet in Geneva.