Monday, January 02, 2006

Excerpts from my dossier

This is my Swiss passport and passport photo. With this I can travel throughout Europe, everywhere except the UK. As far as the UK is concerned, I'm in quarantine for two more months to make sure I'm not rabid. Then, I'm going to Trafalgar Square to wet the base of Lord Nelson's monument!


Olive the Pug said...

Yeah isn't that crazy about the UK? I never want to go there!I got your message on my website, thanks! I live in Antwerp with my American parents. I'm American too, but I travel a lot. I have lived in Germany, and have even been to Paris! My dad plays pro-basketball so I get to move around as often as he changes teams. Thanks for checking out my website! I've bookmarked yours as well... we can be internet buddies!
Oh by the way, you don't really need a pet passport (at least I've never needed one in four years). My mom and dad always go to the vet before I travel internationally for a health cert., and half the time they don't even check for that!

Melinda - AK said...

What a stud muffin of a dog! Miss your cuddles!