Monday, February 27, 2006

Choco late

What a country! Only in Switzerland would one receive free gourmet chocolate in the mail! Too bad it's poisonuos to canines. If only they would send pig ears or beef bones in the mail. Ok, I'll settle for some dog biscuits. Yumm!!!!!


-*- Nicole & Sadie -*- said...

Lindt chocolate is THE BEST and if Pugs are anything like their owners and Sadie wouldn't be sick from it I know we'd pig out for sure :o)

Anonymous said...

Raoul -

We miss you in Chicago!! Do you need Furry Beastro treats? Let us know and we'll ship you some. We have some new, yummy types to try...maybe a carob pawprint or some pumpkin straws? Let us know what you're up to.

Kym & Sky and The Furry Beastro gang