Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ottorino's Cantina/Cave in Sorrano.

We met up with Ottorino and he invited us to taste his wine. It has been aging two years in barrels down in his Cantina which is always kept at a constant temp of 12 degrees Celcius due to its depth in the earth. It felt a lot colder than that though!

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Olive the Pug said...

We've flown Lufthansa for the past 4 years overseas, we thought it was the only airline that allowed a pet in cabin on overseas flights. She is supposed to weigh something like 7 or 8 kilos, and shes almost 10. They never used to weigh her before, but the past year they've started weighing her. We've had a few problems, like one time they we NOT going to let her come, had to call over the manager, then ask the crew, and it was ok. Once they see her and see that she fits inside her bag comfortably it's ok. I always say ...oh I have books and other things in there, shes only 7 kilos. Sometimes that works. It's stressful but worth it, she's a member of the family! How weird we're flying home on the 14th too!