Friday, December 22, 2006

Bangkok Fashion Victim

OK, I had to be bribed for this shot of me in one of my many shirts I received from Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice! Merry Christmas!

Olive the Pug said...

Hi! I think I may have already aked you this, but when you fly Northwest/KLM do they weigh Raoul? I looked on their website and it says 15lbs, and Olive's 20. But I think it's around the same on Lufthansa and sometimes they weigh sometimes they don't. Also, did they let you take Raoul out of the bag at all? Or did he have to stay under the seat the entire time? On Lufthansa I can *sometimes* take her out, or at least put her bag up on the seat next to me, with the zipper open. I just don't want her to be shoved under the seat for 8 hours, shes miserable enough as it is.
Thanks a lot! If you had a good experience I may go KLM nest time, they have a direct flight.