Monday, March 31, 2008

Wine Degustation in Bourgogne

Sorry for my slackness in posting on the blog as of late. Easter holiday brought me back to the Burgundy region of France but this time I went with my pal Chico! It was a feast all around. We were a big hit at the fine restaurants and met quite a few chefs! Pictured below is chef Maria from a restaurant in Beaune France.

I was a king in Burgundy. My parents were tasting some red drink called Prieure Roch but I enjoyed some fine mineral water served at the table! (See picture below!)

Here are the wines from Prieure Roch that are made by Henry Frederic Roch and his second man Yannick Champ. Henry Roch is the co-directore of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti which according to the experts is a fine wine.

Below you can see I'm waiting patiently for the meal to begin.

I finally gave up and headed over to the grand fireplace where I did my impersonation of a French bulldog.

Here's me and my bud, Chico sniffing out all the dogs that have passed before us on this chateaus land.

I really think my mom had enough to drink at this point and was trying to tell her to get those other humans to start eating!

Even sitting by the stove didn't speed things along!

We did finally eat and I was rewarded with some nice beef burgundy!

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