Monday, May 05, 2008

Trip to Hermance!

Yesterday I went with my friend Chico to Hermance. It was quite fun and completely wore me out as you can see by the photo below.

First we went through the village on our way to the forest. We met some westies along the journey.

Most of the forest we followed a stream under a nice canopy of trees until it opened up next to a field. This is where Chico and I made our leap through the barb wire fence to investigate the cows! These cows were very nice and allowed us to share their space.

I hope we go out there again. I spied a few cow patties that might be perfectly aged the next time we go. Mmmm. Yummy. Nothing like a perfectly aged patty.

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Le Mops said...

wow. cows look scary!
Le Mops & Chewie