Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trip to Zurich!

We finally traveled to Zurich after living in Geneva for over three years! It was 2 hours 40 minutes on the direct modern double decker train. I scored a seat to myself and squeezed in a much needed nap.

It turns out one of my parents' favorite restaurants, Wagamamas, from London opened in Zurich so we headed over for lunch. Unfortunately, the rules are a bit stricter in Zurich then Geneva and we were denied entry!!!! Yes, no dogs allowed inside due to their "open kitchen". What's up with that?!

Fortunately, my morale was boosted when I ran into this foxy looking poodle! She was diggin my moves that I was layin on her!

Later I cruised a small park and this little terrier appeared out of nowhere!

Zurich didn't disappoint when it came to canine delicacies! The Swiss put out a premium quality pig ear that all pugs should try!

Humans say the streets are paved with gold but I have to say, I think the streets in Zurich are paved with pig ears! I mean, when have you ever seen bags of pig ears on the sidewalks?! It's truly amazing and I now know why Zurich was rated one of the best places to live!

Later we hit this modern coffee house that had a perfect place for me!

This dog was a cross between a dachshund and an Italian truffle dog (not sure what that is?).

Finally, I just had to catch some zzz's while my parents indulged in some cocktails! All in all, I loved Zurich and would go back! The people were so friendly towards me!


Nevis said...

How pretty Zurich is! :)

Le Mops said...

how exciting Zurich looks