Friday, January 30, 2009

It's my Birthday!

Today I have turned 9 years old! It's been a great day but really I've been celebrating the birthday week! Yeah, I'm spoiled!! The picture above shows my new look-a-like pillow.

I love going to IKEA. It's not just because of the hot dogs. I lOVE riding in shopping carts! Yes, I feel like the little prince I am when I am pushed through the isles with all my admirers cooing and awwing as I pass.

No birthday would be complete without a huge parma bone! My buddy Chico was over to share in the celebration.

Notice my technique of eating the parma ham bone. It helps to keep one paw on the bone!!

I'm not going to have any posts until Feb. 11. The rents are off to NYC and I'm going on a spa retreat at my friend Cathy's house. Five star restaurants and cinemas. Here I come!!!


Syd said...

The bones are as big as the dogs! How cute.

Sandra y Coco said...

Happy Birthday! You don't have a single grey hair, you look younger!
(where's that IKEA that allows dogs? how lucky!)

Nevis said...


pugfreak said...

Yep. The bones were huge!

Sandra y Coco: The IKEA is in Switzerland. Thanks for the compliment on my handsome face. :)

Nevis: Thanks!