Saturday, May 02, 2009

Riding the boats to the dog park.

Ok. This trip is a bit old (2 weeks ago) but I still thought it was memorable. They are using these great little open boats to travel across Lake Geneva. Of course, me and my bud Louis had to cruise over to the dog park in style!

Louis was a bit bored as he's a seasoned rider. He's been on boats all over the world including Prague!

Another action shot of us on the boat.

Can you see Louis' ears in the shadow?

Once we were in the park we came across this terrier enjoying the leaves. It's amazing how camouflaged she is.

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petoskystone said...

oh, raoul! always so calm, cool, & collected:) how pleased your people must have been to realize that if you rolled in the leaves, they wouldn't have to spend 3 hours combing them out of your coat!