Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back from my USA trip

It was another incredibly bug free year in Alaska so I was able to enjoy napping outside! What a pleasure!

Here I am in what is known to the humans as the "perch". It's high enough I can see out of the porch but I have to be put up there and taken down. I'm not sure why those humans haven't built me a proper stairway.

Here I am with my mom hanging out in a friend's cabin.

Being adored by the little ones.

One of my many hikes to peoples cabins.

My good friend Stella accompanied me.

The view from the deck!

One Alaskan method of getting home from a cabin.

Catching the view of Stella from my doggy friend Obie's window lookout. His humans have got the lookout thing down! I guess it helps one's an architect and the others a contractor.

Thankfully, I did not go out on the glacier this year. However, my mom left me for three days to spend time on it so this is from her trip.

While in Chicago, I hung out at my buddy Pico's house! He allowed me to eat out of his bowls and sleep in his beds!

This is Barker and Meowsky Pet store in Chicago. These are the resident dogs. A must stop while in Chicago if you have a chien or chat.


petoskystone said...

obie has a *nice* lookout! glad you enjoyed your trip & that you made it home safely...

Nevis said...

Awesome photos. You rock, Raoul!