Thursday, September 17, 2009

Afternoon at IKEA

Wow! Please forgive my slackness on posting. Life has been crazy. There's talk about a possible trip to Africa for me and I'm wondering how the hyenas are going to feel when I take over their hood! I can't wait to roar at those lions!

Anyway, on to more mundane things like shopping at IKEA. Yes, I was toured around the maze like store with my two buddies, Bianca and Chico. We, of course, did this in the luxury of our beds so it was not too taxing on me. Of course, we were rewarded at the end with a nice hot dog!

Peace out!


petoskystone said...

i noticed raoul was 'leading' the group! :)

Cocorue said...

i may be a chi but there's something about your face that i find sooooo adorable and i do have a few furiends like you


Len said...

who knew you could bring your dog to Ikea? I love Europe!

Len said...

Oh, oops, didn't sign out of dad's account-it's me, Olive!