Monday, October 19, 2009

Trip to Lyon

Our weekend trip to Lyon was fun. Unfortunately, it was a blustery cold weekend so I didn't hang at the cafes like I usually do. The above picture is of me waiting for our early morning train to depart.

This guy was at our restaurant for lunch. He was super sweet but I didn't catch his name.

Of course, we went to our favorite boulangerie where I scored a little croissant for me.

Apparently, they are giving the dog owners a little reminder and schooling on what they are suppose to do with your waste. Now, if they would just crack down on all the scooters parked on the sidewalks like the one in the lower right corner of this picture.


petoskystone said...

sounds like it might be time toget out your winter coat, raoul!

Loren said...

Raoul looks so sleepy in that picture!