Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lyon and Pork!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It seems between the holiday gatherings and the long weekend trips I haven't had time to blog. Last Friday we made a last minute trip to Lyon for a long weekend.

Lyonaise food is known for being pork dominated and I found there was pig themed decor as well as pork products everywhere!

Why wouldn't you put a pile of lardon on top of potatoes all the time? The most important question though, is why isn't my mom feeding me this everyday?!!

Look at all that pork that was being sold at the market in Lyon! If only one of those saucissons would have dropped on the ground.


petoskystone said...

so close & yet so far.....

Stella and Gunther said...

Wow, that's a lotta pork. It must have been pure torture being there and not being able to eat any!