Monday, March 01, 2010

Gorgeous Monday Morning!

We started our spring morning commute to the left bank today and it was absolutely stunning!

Taken from the back of the boat. Nice and calm and no people. Just how we like it!

I'm enjoying the wide open sky and grass!

The boats that bring us from the right bank.

Me enjoying the lake art!


Len said...

Your so lucky you have sun where you live!

We are going home on Thursday and Olive has to go in the cargo:( SAD! Has Raoul ever flown that way? If so how did he do? Any tips? Thanks:)
-Tiff & Olive

Miss Patty the Pug said...

I wish it was sunny where I live now! It was sunny and then all of a sudden its cold and windy!

petoskystone said...

lovely spring! hope it stays that way for you. it's almost-spring here, also.

Olive the Pug said...

nevermind, did it and it was actually easy. She did great, phew!!!