Thursday, April 15, 2010

J'adore Paris!

Last week I enjoyed spring in Paris! I took in some of the sights.

Road the Metro.

More sights.

Can you believe this off leash area?! How grand is that?

Got some lovin' from my dad.

Watched the Paris scene.

This guy has my name! I have no idea who he is though.

Guess he's famous as the square was named after him.

Love seeing all the cafe and shop dogs.

Went to a stylish and very dog friendly store called Merci!

This is in the coffee area of Merci. They let me sit on the couch, gave me some nice treats , AND my own water!

Fellow traveler in Gare de Lyon.

Pug puppy whose name was Angie.

Of course I saw a french bulldog puppy too!

This guy was very cool and we really hit it off.

Finally, we headed home and I got some much needed rest on the train home. The rents splurged so I got to ride first class this time. Woo Hoo!


petoskystone said...

& you so richly deserve the 1st class upgrade! nice of paris to provide all of the lovely blues for your background in photos ;)

Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it......................................................