Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I like London . . .

What a surprise it was to find my McCarthy Alaska friends at my doorstep on Thursday!!  Sunny and Bob came to Switzerland to watch over me while my parents ran off to London.  I was so delighted to see them and lavished lots of kisses on them. 

My parents met lots of pugs while in London!  Unfortunately, they forgot the names of all the pugs.  This guy was in Islington. 

His sweet ride!

More London pugs. 

A smooth coated Brussels Griffon at Columbia Road Flower Market. 

Since we pugs love food so much, I thought it fitting to end with a picture of the full English breakfast my parents had at S & M in London. 

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petoskystone said...

such a nice way to start off my morning, with lovely pug photos. :)