Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Travels Part 4 - South Kakalakee and beyond

On the way to South Kakalakee, we stopped in St. Augustine.  

And visited the oldest house in America.  

 As well as Savannah and their lovely squares.

Then we crossed into South Kakalakee where we enjoyed a lovely rest area.

 And I cruised around with my dad in the woods.  

At the river. 

The Edisto.

Visited my cousins.  This is Oliver. 

In true southern spirit, Oliver is even sporting a Christmas sweater.

Meet my XL cousin Titus. 

Way down yonder in the land of cotton!

Saw some interesting signs.

Gone to heaven?

They have grocery stores called Piggly Wiggly in the South!

And of course they sell hunks of cured pork fat.   I could smell that in the collards but never got to taste it!  Such a shame.  Maybe next time the rents will throw some down to me.

For the finale of the trip, the neighbors had raccoons for pets!  These things were about double my size and I wanted nothing to do with them.  Thank you very much, but NO way did I want them free roaming anywhere near me.  They really wanted to check me out and actually reached out and touched my front leg!  

 The neighbor also had a dog named Blaze that was thankfully nice to me.  He has been known to chase people off the property so I was happy not to become lunch.  I was glad he was friendly.  I wasn't so sure when I first saw the Rebel flag.  

I'll leave you with the tail end of the raccoon reaching out to me. 

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petoskystone said...

poor raoul! being harassed by a raccoon :) they do grow to an intimidating size, though. the photo of you & titus made me laugh---can't decide if you are 'petite' or if titus is xxl!