Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trip to the South Land.

  Leaving Ankara in the beginnings of a snow storm, we arrived in South Carolina to enjoy temps in the 70's! Here's me enjoying the sunrise in South Kakalaki!

Hanging at the grandparents house.  

My cousin Leo came to see me. 

There was this crazy dog bed that my parents set up.  If the company asked me for some feedback, I'd let them know the dangling toys should go. Hmph. 

It wasn't just me that was placed on the floor of the airplane, but my bro's bed was also there.  We chilled out together!

Now, I'm back in Ankara and my buddy Nina came to visit. 

Peace out. 

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petoskystone said...

Little Bro is getting so big! Glad you enjoyed your vacation :)