Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fast Friends With Chico!

Ok, I've rethought the visit by Chico! After spending more time with him, I think I can let him in on some of those gourmet treats my mum makes. After all, he's just a little baby and he's so sweet and funny! I know, I know, did I just say I would give up some of my hard earned food?! As you can see by these photos, this little guy can really work his mojo on ya!


Mia said...

How nice of you to share. Chico is cute and fluffy. Reminds me of one of my stuffy toys.

Olive the Pug said...

We're off on Lufthansa tomorrow, we have a plan for check-in to avoid the weigh-in... my husband is going to stay outside with her to see if he can get one last pee, while I check-in with just her bag, so they can't weigh. Or can just weigh her bag. Sneaky! Hope it works, she's 10.5 kilos, man! Just went to the vet yesterday, she got her own passport, haha. My email is or just comment on Olive's blog. See you soon!