Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Meeting with Merlin!

Today started out with an extended lie in as you can see below I was quite comfy before my mom started using the flash! Argh.

We then did our usual boat ride across the lake and ran into this 7 month old pug named Merlin! He really wanted to join us at our table so his owner brought him around for a quick greet and sniff.

I hope I see Merlin around more. We had a nice introduction and check out his tight double tail curl!


The Devil Dog said...

Merlin looks like a niv=ce pug. His double curl tail reminds me of my sister, Lucky's. Do you like riding in the boat across the lake?
Aren't you scared?


pugfreak said...

My mom says she wouldn't let anything happen to me on the boat so I feel Ok. However, I don't like the moment when we have to cross the area between the boat and the dock! I freeze up and get all stiff so she has to carry me over it.