Monday, September 03, 2007

Trip to Provence!

Our trip started out with me having to wear this medicated color (as seen below) to help prevent me from getting the dreaded Leishmaniasis that is found in the Mediterranean areas of France. Unfortunately I had a horrible reaction which turned into this itchy rash around my throat. Luckily we only had to have it on for 4 days. I guess I won't be going down there in the summer months again.

While we traveled through the small villages we stumbled on this strange act of people showing you these little piglets and wanting you to "donate" money towards their vaccination fund. I thought the little guy was cute, and my daddy thought he looked like me!

In the town of Nimes we found a street named after me!

Here I am cruising the top of the Chateau neuf du pape castle!

And finally, I'm out in the vineyard showing my peeps the finer points to the Chateau nuef du pape soils. See these large rocks really add to the particular taste one finds in the wine!


Pug Mommy said...

The pig kind of looks like you, but you are MUCH cuter.

Olive the Pug said...

Man Raoul! The hardest part is that I would say MANGE, like the gross skin problem that dogs get, when it's probably more like maaaangzh. The pronunciation is way weird. Oh well, I think class starts soon, so it should get easier... Au reviour!