Friday, August 22, 2008


Well my fellow bloggers, I hope none of you have this Sony DSC-T20 digital camera! I purchased this camera in June of 2007 (just over one year AND of course now out of warranty) Sony has had a mechanical lens failure in SOME of their DSC-T20s. The problem manifests very specifically by vibrating (like a cell phone) and of course you can't take a picture! The big gripe is their customer service is GOD AWFUL! After numerous phone calls and several managers later I was transferred to the National Customer Relations Center (NCRC). In the end I'm still doling out shipping and paying half of the fee for repair. All this because my camera does not fall into their current serial numbers for the recall. I don't think a $400 dollar camera should be seen as disposable after one year and I think SONY should have much better customer service. They now have a customer who will never buy a SONY anything again if I can help it! Be warned my fellow photographers!!!! Thankfully, my husbands Nikon of 3 years functions great and I'll be using this for future posts.

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Another satisfied SONY customer (NOT):
koolwhipp7 July 16, 2008 11:40 PM PDT Excerpt from crave blog
"Seems Sony has a problem with cameras lately. I also question the customer service and have decided to look elsewhere for my electronics as well as digital cameras. Customer service is one of my top considerations for purchasing electronics. Sony especially should be standing by their products. I purchased a DSC t-1 camera about 4 yrs ago and it was a great camera at the time, only found out that it had a defective CCD that affected quite a few cameras. They supposedly have a customer service and repair service for this particular model...but after numerous emails and tech live support along with promises that they would be shipping a return box and label to send to the repair center that never showed up - we have finally thrown the 500 dollar piece of metal into the trash. I have since purchased a nikon DSLR (great camera - we'll see if this will need service in the future) 2500 dollars and a canon 850IS for my son. Sony wasn't even a consideration...not surprised that they have another camera with possible defects."

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