Monday, December 08, 2008

Elmore and Steven from London.

So my parents left me in Geneva while they had a high old time in London town! It turns out they missed me and managed to meet a couple black pugs while they were there. This first guy is Elmore who was found on the streets and brought into a lovely family. They think he is around 12 years old.

The last photo is Steven. He's only 8 months old and lives in the Covent Garden/Holburn area. Not too shabby of an area for a pug! Thankfully, my parents did not bring any new dogs home so I'm quite happy to post pictures of these two!

Peace out!


Loren said...

Can you imagine anything more scary then a pug left to fend for itself on the streets of London? Elmore is very lucky!

Nevis said...

How adorable!!!

Olive the Pug said...

Hahaha, ELMORE!

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi! I sent you an email a while ago and you where very kind to answer my question! I hope you remember us!
I run & hug every pug I see when I travel because I miss Coco so much. In two weeks we will take him to our first road trip to St Augustine, FL. I hope he enjoys it!