Saturday, June 13, 2009

Au Revoir and Biscuits!

Just when I found a great Coffee shop with excellent biscuits, I'm off to Chi town tomorrow and will return to Geneva on August 4th. Soon I'll be posting from Bucktown dog park!!! Woot! Woot. Two weeks later, I'll be in Alaska for a month where I'm not sure how much I'll be in contact. Not too much civilization there, let alone internet or electricity.


petoskystone said...

safe journeys!! chicago sounds fun. alaska sounds cold &/or insect-ridden! :)

ObeyThePurebreed said...


In the Pug Revolution, Coffee shops are key for exchanging subversive Pug ideas.

btw, If you add my site, to your "pug links" section, I'll send you a free pug t-shirt, or two propaganda mini posters (or whatever else you'd like instead) that promote world domination by pugs... thanks!

obey the pug! - Kevin