Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Coffee Shop in Geneva! Boréal Coffee!

A new coffee shop has opened in Geneva! I think my mom really likes it as we go there almost every day. I don't mind since they have comfortable couches and plush rugs but they do need to figure out the dog biscuit situation. I sit patiently at the end of the counter just like in Seattle but they never give me a biscuit. What's up with that?


Olive the Pug said...

I bet we would be on your flight! Normlly we would be going home around Sunday but I'm having a BABY! Like any day now, so we're staying in Belgium a bit longer this year. Hope your flight goes well... I am NOT looking forward to going back with a pug and a newborn, thank god my husband will be with us!

petoskystone said...

a suggestion to the manager might help the cookie situation!! but any coffee shope which encourages canine companions is alright with me :)