Monday, November 23, 2009


Riding the TGV in my new bag! It worked marvelously and I wasn't charged a ticket.

I also enjoyed the cafes much better with some plush seating of my own!

Eventually, the humans figured out what I really wanted. To be up on their laps! Ha! Also, at this bar, Charonne, we met a friendly crowd of fellow pug lovers and owners! Here's a shout out to them!

The Parisians love carlins (aka pugs) so of course their was a great window display with pugs for the holidays.

My favorite is the yellow hat! The pug looks all hip with the wrist band and the necklace!

Ahhh. No trip to Paris is complete without the obligatory stop at the BHV pet store!

Yes! Another cafe and I scored my own seat!

Enjoying the canal at St. Martin.

This is Charlie, the Parisian pug! His owner walked a block back just so Charlie could meet me! All in all, it was another fabulous time in Paris!


Stella and Gunther said...

What a great bag! Where did your mom find it?

petoskystone said...

looks like you had a great time in paris :) such a handsome lad, chrarlie. but, raoul, you look so tired in the first photo. did someone wake you?

pugfreak said...

Stella and Gunther: I got it in Geneva Switzerland. The brand is Bobby from france.

petoskystone: Yes, those pesky parents are always waking me for pictures! :)

Len said...

Wow Raoul is so well behaved! Olive was in Paris with us once and poor girl got rained on all day so no cafes (or taxis!) were too into having a wet pug around...

Can you take that bag on the plane?We need a new one.

pugfreak said...

Len (AKA Olive): Sadly, no the bag doesn't close all the way so you can't take it on the plane. I have a carrier made in the USA called Sturdi bag and it works great. They will even ship to Switzerland so I'm assuming Belgium as well. It's also super lightweight.