Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paris Recap

We were very fortunate our train departed Geneva for Paris on Wednesday due to the general strike.  I enjoyed my view and seat all to myself!

Doing my usual modeling at the store Merci. 

Inside Merci!

The perfect art exhibit for dogs - topic urine.  What more could I want?

A little local humor!

We had a little difficulty getting home on the train.  They announced they were looking for a train driver which took 40 minutes to accomplish.  Oh those French. 

I was also shocked that after five years of train travel in Europe, I had two people on one train who did not want to sit next to me!!  Yes, you read it correctly!  Humph.  We stuck to our guns and eventually enjoyed a seat to myself.   First class wasn't too shabby either. :)  Peace Out! 


Malissa said...

Raoul- I have been reading your adventures for awhile now and I have one thing to say. Will you adopt me? You go to such cool places and have such fun! Your family loves you very much, that is extremely easy to say. I look forward to reading more about your travels, and if you need a personal pug assistant I am ready to go!

pugfreak said...

Thanks Malissa! I'll talk to the rents and see if they'll entertain the idea of an assistant. I guess the quality most important in the pug assistant world is to know where to get food at all times! :)

petoskystone said...

who would not want to have such a handsome & well-mannered seat companion?! you do know how to travel in style!

Heather and Walter said...

Raoul is as chic and well designed as all the other elements. Loves it!