Monday, July 04, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

And I'm a little bit settled in Ankara Turkey now.   Some things are a lot better than my life in Geneva.  One is that I have 4 balconies to choose from as well as a much larger interior space.  Here I am lounging on one of my balconies! 

Unfortunately, we still don't have our stuff from Geneva so it's a bit bare.  Thankfully, my mom packed the essentials which included several of my dog beds.  Since this photo was taken, we have a love seat and a rocker chair compliments of the new IKEA opening in Ankara.  We are thanking the IKEA Gods every day for opening!!

My new dog park with a few new dog friends.  

Unfortunately, Louis is not here and there's nothing like Bertrand Park in Geneva!!!
 In the mean time, I'm headed to Chicago on Wednesday followed by Alaska so I'll be seeing some friends there.  Happy Fourth everyone!  



petoskystone said...

nice to see you're settling in..even if it's only to start traveling again!

Manda and Oisín x said...

Its so cool that you travel...
I wish I could :)


kristen said...

So sad we´re missing you guys! Can't wait to (hopefully) take Raoul for a walk in Ankara! All the best to you three+ (c:

petoskystone said...

just wondering if this will affect raouls' travels?