Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alaska and Chi Town

Wow!  Time has really flown by this last month.  As you know, I moved to Ankara Turkey and I'm expecting a human baby brother at the end of September.  Since July I've been back to the states and did some traveling to Alaska and Chi town.  

I'm hanging on my perch, as usual, in Alaska.  Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly this summer with fresh snow on the mountains when we were there. 

Enjoying my usual walk in Grant Park.

Hanging around the south loop area. 

New posse in the south loop. 

Me and my buddy Bo got to hang out for a week!  

Chi visit isn't complete without a trip to Paper Doll on Division to see Maude the pug. 

Finally, we are getting settled in Ankara.  Here's what my new front yard looks like and I have a nice park just two blocks away.  
Peace out.  


petoskystone said...

nice to see that you didn't miss out on your beauty sleep! ;) congratulations on the incoming addition...i'm sure you'll instruct him on the important things in life.

kristen said...

So sad we missed your annual visit! Pico and you will have to make up for lost time next year...I think he's a lot more your speed these days. Looks like you had a great summer at any rate!