Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter in Southern France!

I love the open road! Our first day we spent at Domaine Romaneaux-Destezet which is owned by Hervé Souhaut and in the appelation Saint Joseph.

Here we are getting a tour of the house (castle) of Herve's wifes family.

Sorry about the order of these pictures. Herve is giving us a tasting straight from the barrels. Sadly, all his wine is sold so we couldn't buy any. However, Herve was super generous and gave us a magnum of his fine wine!

I'm surveying the area from the roof and taking in the fine smells of the land.

My friend Oliver cruised around with me. Here I am showing him the way to the inside of the "house".

It was nice to climb some rock after being in the car for so long.

What a surprise this little cafe was in Joucas. We stopped for coffee and croissants only to discover a hot air balloon rising from the fog! It was incredible!

Can you see the hot air balloon?
The next day we headed for another vineyard, Domaine Gramenon. This is owned by Michelle Aubery-Laurent and is located in the Southern Rhône region. She likes to produce her wine in the natural way with very little sulphur.

We headed deep into the cave for our tasting.

In the end, we all bought some bottles!

This is our little Bed and Breakfast.

Here I am with my dad on our little terrace. There was a nice field of lavender just below.

Finally, we returned to Geneva and headed to our favorite spot along the lake, The Terrasse. It was packed!


petoskystone said...

nice tour! thank you. who is the little white dog? the balloon rising from the fog is my fave. photo.

Nevis said...

How beautiful!

You're such a cutie, Raoul!