Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pugs and Wine Tasting

Last weekend we ventured to Beaune. There was talk about food which always makes a pug happy as well as something about vineyards. Apparently, the humans were invited to a wine tasting by Pierre TAUPENOT.

As it turns out, wine tasting really means abandoning me in the car while the humans enjoyed themselves.

They paid homage to the wine god(as pictured above).

Pierre Taupenot showed them his personal cave which included this bottle from 1939.

Finally, I got to enjoy the sights and smells of the actual vineyards. I really think my pug urine would add a special "something" to the vintage for this year. Unfortunately, my humans didn't agree.


Nevis said...

I've never been wine tasting. Is it fun?? And I think I have to agree with your humans on the urnine!

petoskystone said...

ahh, well. humans get embarassed over the oddest things!