Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Afternoon Tea With The Dogs!

Since returning to Geneva I've been hanging at a new to me tea shop which is super dog friendly.  The owner has two black pugs and the waitress has an English bulldog, Brownie.

Here's my friend Julie with Brownie.  Brownie loves to sit and have tea with anyone who will let her.  

The black pug is Winslow.  Brownie's cousin. 

Winslow enjoying the tea house.  I have yet to meet Winslow's sister.  I guess she is on holiday in Boston.  I'm headed to IKEA tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have lots to share.  I just love those 1 Franc hot dogs! 


petoskystone said...

it's a fine tea house that has such lovely companions. brownie sounds like one smart cookie--everyone knows chairs with cushions are the most comfortable ;)

Loren said...

Tonka and Arliss are jealous!