Sunday, August 15, 2010

Part 3 of 3 Summer Travels

Heading to the airport on the el, once again.  Sadly, Chicago doesn't allow dogs on public transit except in bags. 

I'm surveying the land for any intruders.  There's a lot of area I need to protect while I'm in South Dakota.

Enjoying more deck time.

Taking a much needed breather after doing my rounds around the farm.  

This is my grandparents friend's papillion who is sporting a summer cut.  He reminded me a lot of my buddy Louis in Geneva. 

The view that I enjoyed at the top of the driveway while I was visiting my grandparents.  It was a nice summer break in the states for me this year.

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petoskystone said...

oh my yess, a *lot* of area to cover in south dakota. also in nebraska. & least in neb.