Monday, August 30, 2010

The First Geneva Pug Meetup!

We had a total of four pugs which actually is a lot for Geneva. From l to r we have Norton, Harvey, Coco, and me in the foreground. 

There was also a bichon havanese puppy who thought she was a pug.

It's not a party without some snacks.

Coco enjoyed some play time with Flash.


In true European style we headed to a cafe.  Norton was exhausted.

Coco enjoyed some lap time with her mum.


Toko joined us as well.   


petoskystone said...

poor exhausted pups! :) hope you have a long & joyous autumn season full of pug park play.

PunkRawkKnitter said...

Raoul is by far the smallest pug there! I was really hoping that my Ruby would stay around 15lbs, but she's 8 months old now and still growing, 16lbs at the last weigh in, sigh...

We don't have outdoor pug meetups here in Calgary, only indoor.